Announcing ‘Sochda Punjab’

Sochda Punjab” is our initiative to bridge the gap between the two sides of Punjab. It is going to be an online show (audio initially, video later on) where we will hold conversations on subjects that affect/attract Punjabis no matter where they are. The show will feature two hosts: Jasdeep Singh from India and myself (Sohail Abid) from Pakistan. The format of the show will evolve over time as it’s our first attempt at this sort of thing. Wish us luck!

Jasdeep Singh is a young Punjabi poet currently based in Chandigarh and working on a documentary about the 1915 Singapore Mutiny. He was also part of the award-winning film ‘Anhey Ghorey Da Daan’ crew and wrote additional dialogues for the movie. Oh, and he also maintains a blog on contemporary Punjabi poetry, Parchanve.

Sohail Abid is the curator of Folk Punjab, and also works with Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange on the project Forbidden Love. He has travailed extensively in the (Pakistani) Punjab. Punjabi folklore in general and sufi festivals in particular are his primary interests.

Sochda Punjab