Baba Farid

Farid-ud-Din Masood Gunjshakar, popularly known as Baba Farid, was born in a small suburban place: Kotawal, near Multan. Biographers differ about the year of his birth and have suggested it to be 1173, 1175, or 1188 A.D.

His grandfather, Qazi Shoaib, was famous for his piety, wisdom, knowledge, and scholship. He had migrated to Lahore and from there to Kasur andfinally to Multan. His son, Jamal-ud-Din Suleiman got married with Qarsam Bibi who was well known for her piety, modesty and purity and religious favour. These were the parents of Farid-ud-Din Masood who was to become a legend in life and literature as Gunj Shakar and Baba Farid.